Basic course – 2 days with Meta Health

Why am I sick? – How do I become healthy in a natural and self-healing way?




Basic course – 2 days with Meta Health.

It is 2 days that can change your point of view on what the reason behind the disease. A better understanding of how your body can act better.

Max 16 participants.

10-17 and 10-16

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What if there existed ways to heal the body faster?
What if there is a link between our physical body and our emotions?
What if there is a powerful tool that explains the underlying causes of physical symptoms, including a tool that can help you restore a radiant health, which is your true nature?
There is a biological map of our body-brain-mind, and it can be your wisdom!


Physical disease occurs when we are not living in harmony with our highest purpose – when we are not living as we were designed to. Every symptom has a meaning and represents an intelligent response on a biological level, with underlying conflicts on different aspects of our being.
Want to learn more about Meta Health?


Meta Health is a diagnostic tool that identifies the underlying cause of the disease, including where you are in the disease process, and where you are in your spiritual development and awareness.

You might be looking for new tools to offer to your clients, or maybe you wish to be able to explain and understand your own physical symptoms or illness. Either way, I invite you to experience the powerful world of Meta Health.


The course includes:
√ A diploma
After completing the course you will receive a diploma. Basic training Meta Health (International Meta-Medicine Association.)
The course contains:
What is Meta Health is and how does it play an important role in integrative medicine?
√ What triggers a symptom or a disease process and how does it affect us?
√ How can you identify different aspects of a disease process, including the symptoms manifesting when we are in an active conflict, and when the conflict resolves?
√ Learn about brain evolution, including various aspects of different brain layers and organs and the codependence between conflicts and symptoms.
√ Learn about microorganisms and their important role in healing.
√ Learn step-by-step how to collect information to make a meta-diagnosis, including finding the conflict behind the symptoms.







The course will teach you the basics of Meta Health, including all the fundamental aspects that complete the healing process of the decease. We will look into what happens after the Meta Diagnose, and I will share my knowledge about the Solution Process, the process that supports already existing treatments.

You will get a written guide on how to support your client in the best way possible when it comes to the healing phase.


You will after completing the course receive a diploma, if its implementation is satisfactory.  Basic training of Meta Health (International MetaMedicine Association -META-Health International CIC MHI)2015 04 19_4432




Best regards Martin Hejlesen