Breast cancer and tumors of the brain


“By this story, I wish to give other human beings an insight in the connection between the emotional, the mental, and the way the body is changing. I have started realizing this more than ever before.

I am very content and grateful for the treatments of EFT and META health principles. They are giving me peace, calmness, and life energy.

Even my family has noticed it. This gives me hope.

Hugs from Kirsten

I was one out of three colleagues, all working at SKAT (The Danish tax authorities), who all got the diagnosis of breast cancer – all within half a year after having moved to another department.

The two other colleagues received a breast keeping operation, but my cancer was very severe, so I had one of my breasts removed.

After a recommendation from a dietician, I met Martin.

After the breast operation, I have trouble with my balance, so I get a walker. After having a lot of nausea and throwing up, I am scanned and get yet another diagnosis – i.e. metastasis in the cerebellum.

Two further operations remove the two tumours from my brain, after which they grow to about the same size every time.

The doctors start using chemotherapy instead as well as radiation. A scan shows that these efforts don’t have any effect. On the contrary, I loose my hair, and I am told that it will never grow out again.

A little story from the job as an employee with SKAT. (=The Danish tax authorities).

For many year, I was very pleased with my job, but new structures and a re-location was very frustrating, as the management was very different from what I was used to.

Through the 90’s, I felt that the employees were “thrown around”.

I was a shop steward, and in the years leading up to the re-location of the workplace, all employees were to be fired. “Everyone would be fired”, the woman said.

Obviously, my breast cancer developed within 6 months upon my arrival at the new department,.

I wasn’t able to start on full time until 12 months after the breast operation. It had been hard, because I had to be scanned. In this connection, I get the second diagnosis – i.e. metastasis in the cerebelium


The following is the dialogue between me and Kirsten, when I meet her:

Martin: “Which symptom do you have leading to the examination?”

Kirsten: “One of my breasts has started to hang. Previously, I had been told that it was because I had become older.”

Martin: “What does the breast represent for you?”

Kirsten: “My feminity.”

Martin: “When did your feminity start to hang?”

Kirsten: “Actually, when I started at the new department. I felt that the other  women were better than me. I was worried about not doing my work well enough. I should never have started working with Skat”

I treat Kirsten for not being in her true environment in regards of her job. (Kidney conflict)

I also treat the woman for this worry/arguing conflict at her job.

(Lubular, breast, cerebellum)


Upon this session, Kirsten sleeps for three days.

Kirsten: “I have never done that before; I was really tired.”

I treat Kirsten for not knowing what to decide – identity conflict. Situations making her out of balance. (Nausea and balance).


“The message, telling me that I am fired.”

(Ductal breast and lubular breast) – deep lack of self confidence going to bones.

Missing a lot of details and feeling weak. (Deep lack of self confidence)

The day she gets the message for the first time

“I am going to receive the result.” (Chock/fear – the throat)


Declared cured by the hospital: full regression of metastasis in the cerebellum.

The message to Kirsten from the hospital: “You can count on a return of the cancer, and we will do another scan in two months”

For the first time, Kirsten walks around together with Martin in her neighbourhood without a walker. The neighbours are watching, while Martin is treating her at the same time.

Kirsten: “Now at last, I understand, why I start crying, when I watch the girls doing gym. They are so good. I feel that right now I am extremely good and I raise my hands.”

“I want to recommend this to everyone.”

After this we walk for about one kilometre.

Kirsten: “In August my hair starts growing again. Despite I was told that it would never grow out again.”


Reply from the hospital: “A full regression of metastasis in the cerebellum.”

“And the reply came from a person, whom I had never met before.”


Reply from the hospital: “A full regression of metastasis in the cerebellum”

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