Cervix / mouth, HPV virus.

Cervix / mouth, HPV virus.


Dear Martin – I just got the most fantastic news from the doctor. Normal cells! No HPV-virus. Hurray!!!! I am soo happy. And I want to thank you for your amazing therapies which I have been very very happy for. You are super cool!!!

Martin tapped on my body – and helped me through the worst period of my life!

Burnt out, anxiety and cellular changes, I was way down and by a dietician I were recommended to find a TFT-therapist. I searched and I found – Martin.

Dear Martin, to be under your treatment is one of the wildest things I’ve ever tried. And to this day, I still can not quite figure out what you actually did? But I came out on the other side as a new, smarter and healthier person.

Along with Martin I neatly processed the deepest traumas and problems. How? Yes … You sit down on a chair in his consultation room. Talk a little. Martin asks and you answer – and quickly he took up an issue at a crucial moment or situation … And then he taps easily on different places and on one’s face and says some of the phrases that you just have said in the conversation – and after each sentence, a statement that you love and accept yourself. It sounds very simple …
But, I got into a kind of trance or deep concentration – all the way into the blackest darkness of my mind which slowly became brighter and brighter … There was a transformation. An unmanageable problem, a trauma was … dissolved. Turned into light.

Martin is one of the brightest, most inspiring people I have met. With a view on illness that we all can learn from. He turns it somehow upside down – see diseases as development and a place to work from. Almost like something positive. Do not cut away and remove, but meeting, look at and process.

I am eternally grateful to have been through this process, and when I had my last session Martin said – “Now you can calmly go to the examination.” There I was so full of power and love that there simply was not room for some transformed cells any longer. It felt like that – and it was so. I got the answer after one week. Normal cells!

Thank you!

Best wishes from Kamilla

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