Changes in skin

Changes in skin

Example of the reason behind a physical symptom.

Basically, we have 60 organs and each organ represents a feeling.

The organ belonging to the cerebellum deals with a biological program to protect.
An example is a feeling of being attacked and formed growth under the skin. It may, for example be pimples.

The Brain strain is the survival of the species. An example is a feeling that one can not digest life, and the formation of growth in the form of gastric juices in stuma in order to better digest the feeling.
The Brain Strain deals with our self-esteem. The value we attach to life. An example is a feeling of not being worth anything and skeleton becomes smaller in the conflict, as there is cell degradation.

The body shows in that way that we have a self-devaluation that does not serve us.
The pain most often shows in the healing-fase of starting to feel more worthwhile. When we for example get praised  there will be reconstruction of bones and muscles.


The Brain Strain deals with social development and communication.
It controls and develop our senses and motoric skills. An example is a sense of loss of contact or if contact is not desired, and there is a reduction of cells in the skin to feel less of the separation (decreased sensitivity). When this separation anxiety are solved, is formed in the growth of skin and can for example be the well-known eczema or psoriasis.


Photo of a hand before treatment:


Photo of the hand after:


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