Fear of cancer: Colitis Ulcerosa

Fear of cancer

The Brain stem: Organ: Colon – Colitis Ulcerosa
My thought field therapy and META health treatments with Martin.

I was treated by Martin in May 2011. The first treatment was concerning a watery eye, the lack of my mother in my childhood, as well as a rejection from a playmate. I had 3 treatments, where I was tapped lightly on some meridians of my face, a few places of my body and my hands. At the same time I was given talk therapy. During the talk, we focused on the unpleasantness of the problem, making me sense the feeling in the body. This is what “is tapped to zero”. By the end of the session, I was able to talk about the lack and the childhood experience without experiencing any emotional unpleasantness in my body.

The other treatment, I received from Martin was concerning a fear of a diagnosis, I received at a hospital a couple of years previously. The chock concerned the message I received from the doctor: “You don’t have cancer, but there is a risk that you might get it” Again I focused on the unpleasantness of the experience, when I was at the meeting with the doctor. At the same time, various meridians “are tapped lightly”. During the treatment, I felt that the unpleasantness rose incredibly, but little by little it fell. By the end (and still today), I could talk and think about the experience without being emotional or sensing any unpleasantness in my body. Add to this that I have stopped my medication, and that everything is just functioning fine in my intestine. Unfortunately, I got some symptoms – corresponding to a healing crisis, which made me start my medication again. In July I was examined by my medical doctor again, and I got the message: “It is looking fine now”.

The third treatment concerned bullying at my work. The treatment took place as described above. Today, I am able to think and talk about the experience without being emotional touched by it. Martin encouraged me to use the “scream pillow” method. A pillow up in front of the face over your mouth – and then just scream, as much as you can. At both treatments, I ended by sensing a fantastically relaxed and calm sensation in my body. Martin is an extremely clever and pleasant TFT and META health therapist, who very quickly makes you feel safe. I can only express the very best about Martin and give him my warmest recommendations.

Kirsten, Århus.

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