Fear, uncertainty, inner anxiety and sorrow

Ever since I heard about thought field therapy 4 or 5 years ago, I found it very fascinating and would very much like to try it myself.

Meeting Martin Hejlesen, whom I found very trustworthy, I decided that now it was time to try it.

Martin offered me a course of 5 sessions, which I accepted due to many small as well as large problems that I would like to work on.

Already after the first session, I felt a big change. For many years I have suffered from inner anxiety, uncertainty and fear of rejection as well as difficulty in making decisions, and I have often been very sad.

Straight after my first session, I went home and put my house out for sale – something I had considered for years; sold it in 2 months; bought an apartment and moved to Copenhagen.

On the more emotional level, I feel a big inner peace. Every day, I am happy for my life.

I haven’t used thought field therapy for the last time, and I warmly recommend it.

I feel that it has been comforting and nice to treated by Martin.

TFT is so efficient that 6 sessions were enough for me in regards of my challenges.

Tine, Secretary

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