When the lightening strikes – fear


written by Else

My mother had given me some magazine articles as well as books about subjects, which she believed I needed to know. However, I do not always share her conviction of what I need to know.

About 7-8 years ago, when I was having a life crisis, she gave me the book “Tankefeltterapi – Løsninger lige ved Hånden” (=”Thoughtfield therapy – solutions right at your hand”).The book had followed me through several removals and was still left unread on the shelf between all the other books. In the book, there was a nice and loving greeting on a piece of paper from my mother.

I was lead to TFT, because I had been witnessing for some time that one of my close relations had been thrown out of the game because of fear, and she was now hospitalized at the psychiatric department.

The night after I had delivered my dear relative at the psychiatric department, I was awake at night and full of troubling thoughts and emotions. That night, I suddenly remembered the book on the shelf. I read the book and tested everything, I read. And immediately, it healed my pain!

I got the opportunity to tell my fearful dear relative about my discovery. As the psychiatric department hadn’t been able to give any effective treatment, my relative agreed to try TFT. This was an aha experience – discovering the effect of TFT. For some time, the fear had been lying on a scale from zero to ten.

A completely unbearable fear! This morning, sitting in the room and tapping sequences in accordance with the directions of the book, we found that there was so much relieve of the fear that it went from completely unbearable to bearable.

It may not sound as something tremendous, but a person who has experienced being swallowed into this hell of fear, knows that it is nothing less but a fantastic healing to go from completely unbearable to bearable!

Upon this insight, I wanted to extend my knowledge of TFT. I followed a basic course of TFT with Hanne Heilesen, followed by a long course of therapy sessions with Martin.

During this therapy course, I found that the fact that TFT makes it bearable to experience very complex emotions and malaise, has helped me gaining a space for severe problems, which for years have been hindering me from obtaining a more present contact with myself.

After my TFT sessions, I have noticed that it has become easier for me to handle difficult situations. Your life will always give you difficult situations, which you need to handle. I have noticed that the way TFT works on my emotions makes the solutions appear from a place deep inside of me, with which I do not have a daily contact on my conscious level.

TFT has changed my view on being ill. I have become more interested in examining, how the body is able to heal itself. I wasn’t aware of the connection between my emotions and illnesses. Instead of seeing illness as a verdict, making you powerless, I have experienced and felt that illness can be seen as part of a process in the attempt of the body to solve the trauma/traumas, which make you ill.

During my therapy course with Martin, I have got rid of several things, I have suffered from over the years. E.g. back pain, which I have had, since I was 18. During the course, I have also looked at my fear, which during certain periods has been occupying my entire life.

This has given my a new room inside of me. A room, in which I can change and find courage. It has given me the freedom to make better decisions in regard of job, family, and other relations. And this is what I have always been dreaming about.

TFT has a deeper long term effect than I had ever imagined and dared hope for. For a long time, I had been searching for a “method” or something, which could handle recurring problems more deeply.

I have noticed that I no longer “sand up” and become unable to act, but have become steadily more optimistic, because TFT has taught me how to obtain enough peace in my body and enough calmness in my mind to experience emotions, which otherwise would have been a barrier and a hindrance for being present in the moment – in life.

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