Throat, kidney, spine, stomach & Lymphoid malignancy – pyelonephritis cancer


I learned to say no when I got cancer


When Susana is told that she has lymphoma, she says yes to traditional chemotherapy for the good of her children. But already after only three treatments she stops. Instead, she works with the emotional causes through skype sessions and through that she discovers that pent-up emotions in connection with a divorce and a bad working climate has ties to her cancer.

Susana usually don’t go to the doctor, but in the last few months she has been suffering from pyelonephritis (infection in the renal pelvis) twice. During the day she is not bothered from it, but every time she goes to sleep at night, she gets severe pain in the back. It’s been a month since she was last sick, but Susana noticed that some of her lymph nodes in the left groin is swollen. In addition, she feels like her feet are sleeping. The doctor doesn’t think the symptoms are connected, but still end up sending her to a scan, so they can find out whether there is anything. Susana is not nervous. Swollen lymph nodes can mean so much.


Why pyelonephritis occurs

Pyelonephritis is associated with a conflict with either your territory or identity. The condition causes pain and can result in depression or mania, depending on one’s sex, hand dominance and hormone status in the body. In the top of repairing the person feels pain, and there may be blood in the urine. Pyelonephritis often occur before the condition becomes normal, meaning – while the conflict is still active.


The green shadows

While Susana is waiting to get a scanning appointment, she visits a homeopath who make homeopathic remedies and iris analysis. Susana has frequented the place for many years with her mother, who’s also interested in alternative health methods. Their visit is more of a routine check than because of Susana swollen lymph glands.

The homeopath notice that there is irritation in Susanas bile and one of her kidneys. He can’t say exactly what it is, but whatever the doctors say, she must think positively. To him, it seems like she is improving. He also gives Susana some of his homeopathic drops to take home, which she must take every day.

When Susana shortly after is at Aalborg Hospital to get the answer from her scan, she still has the homeopaths words with her. Think positively.

– You have cancer. The doctor points to the green shadows on the images. Two areas by the neck, one at the kidney, another by her spine, two in the groin, and a small green colored area in the stomach. The doctor says that it’s lymphoma, but that she wont die from it.

Susana is considering whether there are habits, she has to change, so she can optimize the body’s resistance to the disease. She already lives healthy, eats lots of fruits and vegetables, do not drink coffee and do not smoke either. Exercise on the other hand have not been taking to much of her time for quiet a while.

After she had pyelonephritis, she hasn’t gone to her yoga class, which she used to attend for many years. Maybe it’s time to get started again.

Time to do something for herself, she thinks.


A case of self-devaluation

Lymphoma is linked to a slight self-devaluation corresponding to the skeleton, e.g., if it is the inside of the arm = feeling not good enough to stick to something. In the active phase you will find cell depletion in the lymph nodes. When the conflict is resolved, the lymph nodes swell and become refilled with new cells. It is a good sign, but is often interpreted as malignant. If at the same time there is an active conflict, the swelling of the lymph nodes is greatly enhanced.



Susana is given an appointment for an operation to remove the two lymph nodes in the groin. Just two days before the doctors do a bone marrow sample on her to see if the cancer has spread to the bones. Fortunately, it hasn’t. The day before the surgery, she is hospitalized. At that time, Susana is still not nervous. She sends many positive thoughts to her body and will just want the operation over with quickly so she can go home again. The doctors can see that one kidney is stressed, and therefore wants to put a catheter in it so that it can be relieved. But the plan is changed, and they do not conduct the surgery anyway, instead they decide to wait until the following day when Susana is to undergo surgery in the groin. The whole night Susana is sending positive thoughts to her kidney. She has no desire to get get the catheter – it can’t be healthy, she thinks. When Susana wakes up after the operation, they haven’t touched her kidney. The irritation is gone.

Before Susana is released from the hospital she talks to a doctor. The doctor tells her that they can’t remove the lymph nodes around the kidney and spine with surgery, and that she has to go through chemotherapy and then radiation.

The cancer package consists of eight treatments, and Susana is to begin the following month. But Susana is unsure whether she will accept the offer. She doesn’t feel ill, and in addition, she is concerned about the side effects of the treatments. Still, she ends up saying yes because of her family and children.

– I had heard about cannabis, alternative chemo tablets and I know about meta health. So I knew there had to be other options than the traditional one.

Susana therefore write her doctor before she starts the chemotherapy. She opposes the chemo and know that some patients die from the treatment. She presents the various alternatives to her doctor, but he replies that neither chemo tablets or cannabis can help her, and meta health he knows nothing about. But Susana does. The year before, she attended a lecture and was introduced to the idea that you can release old traumas and thus heal peoples different symptoms and diseases.


Calcified breasts

Almost simultaneously with Susana being scanned, she is invited to a routine mammogram. She has never accepted the offer before because she never noticed anything different in the breasts. Now she chooses to say yes. Just as a precaution. The breast screening shows no nodes, but instead calcification in the mammary glands. The doctors recommend that she gets them scraped away so they can see if there are metastases in the breasts. Susana’s lymphoma is likely to have spread. When the surgery is done, they find nothing.

Meanwhile, Susana has been on sick leave from her job.

She has always been happy in the job, but now the bad mood between some of the colleagues has worsened, and she no longer thrives. Beside her job she has a body therapy clinic and sell natural products. She also has to close the clinic for a little while, while she’s in surgery.


Conflicts found

Calcification of the mammary glands comes after a repair phase, where the conflict is linked to either partner or colleague-boss-strife, quarrel, anxiety or concern. It can also be about a mother-child conflict or a property conflict. A combination of a troubled situation at work and / or a dysfunctional relationship.


Divorce and working

The chemo course lies ahead and Susana have already given it some thought.

– I did not like the thought of having chemo, and I was looking for an alternative. And since I am stubborn, I wrote the doctor so many times that he must have believed I was crazy. But I was convinced that I should not continue for long with chemo.

Before the first treatment she contacts Martin, whom she she has been following on his blog on the web. The session takes place via Skype. Susana tells him about the divorce, her diagnosis and concerns about the upcoming treatment. Martin explains that the lumps on her neck is caused by the fact that her energy is directed towards her not being able to say no to others. She is in the repair phase, and her lymph nodes will have a hard time completing the process if there is something that triggers. Together they talk about, that she is angry and disappointed that her ex-husband very quickly shared the news about his new girlfriend with their children, and that he at one time were more busy with his new girlfriend’s children than their own. It still bothers her. In the beginning, Susana and her ex-husband had a good common understanding of the children, but his lack of interest in them now makes her think he is letting them down. Susana does not say no to him, and her guilty conscience is just below the surface lurking. While she is talking to Martin via Skype, she learns to perform a technique on herself, so she is not limited by the geographical distance between them. Susana felt trapped, but now feels the redemption and goes on the scale from a ten to a zero.

– I cried a lot and I could tell I was hot after we had talked about it. I think it was all the emotions, the body responded on. Now I could get a hold of myself and move on.

The second time Martin and Susana talks, he tells her about an education, called Boot Camp, which consists of combining meta health understanding and the EFT technique. On this course she will be able to work with other aspects of herself and release old conflicts and find out why her body reacts to these situations. Susana wants to attend Martins education. Susana tells him that before she got her first chemotherapy, the doctors couldn’t find anything at the neck. After the first chemotherapy the mucous membranes in the mouth becomes extra sensitive, and it hurt a bit when she eats. Fortunately it wears of quickly again. Susana’s hair falls off, and she gets a wig. Meanwhile Susana continues drinking the natural products and taking holistic drops. She is sure that they have influenced her immune system which works well despite chemotherapy. She decides to say no after the third chemotherapy because they did not find anything before they began. The cancer is apparently gone. Therefore, Susana says no to the following treatments, and although the doctor tries to persuade her to finish the treatment, Susana stands firm.


– I spoke from the heart this time, and I was not having anymore chemo. Susanas doctor tries to persuade her to do the last chemotherapy in case the cancer would return. But Susana tells him that it wont. She has remained positive all the way through the process, and that will have an impact, she believes.


The education and movement

Susana attends the meta health education.

– I had always known that the reason we get sick, is linked to something emotionally.

Susana also finds out that old conflicts that are contrary to her core values, lays unresolved in her, and she knows that it has caused her lymphoma. She uses energy technique on himself to redeem the negative energy that is in the old conflicts. Martin told Susana that the tumours at the neck area, is about her being better at saying no, and during analysis via Skype she becomes wiser as to why there are also cancer elsewhere. The tumor in her kidney is rooted in a frustration after the divorce, where she briefly moved to a small town just outside of Aalborg.

– At that time I became very antisocial. When I came home from work, I sat on the sofa, and then nothing else happened. I have always been active and exercised a lot, and now I could not recognize myself, so after only a short time in the small town I decided to move back to Aalborg. After the move and processing of different emotions the liquid that has accumulated in Susana’s body disappear. Boots that would otherwise have tightened, she now fits perfectly.



Susana has suffered from tinnitus for 20 years but have been unable to find the explanation as to why. In his alternative treatment Martin explains to her that it is caused by her overhearing warning signs, and that she might experience the feeling of having too much between the ears. And since she is still in the active phase, there is something that trigger her again and again. Susana nod in recognition.

– I’ve always had too much going on and have always said yes to many things. It was probably procrastinations, because I didn’t want to notice how I really felt. I was used to giving other people something, but now I realized that I had to learn to receive instead of giving.

The courses are spread over several months, and between the course days Susana heals herself at home. She also starts to do yoga again, and it helps her find her calm and deep breathing.

– It’s good to do something good for myself, and I have often tapped or used the healing code when I go to bed at night. Susana still go for check ups at Aalborg Hospital, though she did not agree with the doctors about the last chemo treatment plan.

– It’s my body, so I will decide. It has been hard for me to turn the old stuff, but it has also been inspiring. There has also been something nobody knew. Among other things, that I was abused as a child. I knew that it had to be told at one point. If you do not open up, it can make you sick. I only told my mother a few months ago, and some of my girlfriends don’t even know about it. But it has fallen into place for me. I’m still working on my tinnitus; I would like it to completely go away.

Susana has no doubts about what she wants from the future.

– I found out that I need to concentrate more on meta health, body therapy, natural products and myself. Now I am going to have the life I want, and then I can help others afterwards. My motto is now: Feel deep in your own body and in your heart what it is you really want. There are other alternatives than the doctor, because it is not always, he or she is right.

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