8Martin Hejlesen


Martin is instructor in conflict management, Meta Health and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


With a background as a conflictcoach- and META Health master trainer, a prison guard of a closed prison, a soldier of the Danish Royal Airforce, an escape from the grenades of Croatia, and as a middle manager of two major Danish supermarket chains, Martin is able to relate to most of the feelings, which are blocking a person from handling the day to day challenges.

To Martin, it is no longer the question of avoiding conflicts of meeting the other human being in the midst of his/her sorrows and frustrations. The death of a close family member made Martin look for methods of handling personal challenges as well as way of comprehending the body on all levels.

13x18BBMy mother was self-employed cosmetologist and had
belly dancing as one of her interests.
She turned 54 years.

Martin_betjent_fri_webHow is Martin perceived by other colleagues: “Communication is clearly one of his strengths.

He has a really good connection to the inmates of the prison. The way he communicates and his calm temper diminishes the conflicts as well. Martin tries actively to stop potential conflicts, before they escalate.”

“Martin shows a good active conduct in a specific case, in which an inmate is frustrated about the way his case has been handled. Talking to the inmate and getting him to communicate makes the temper of the inmate cool down.



At the same time, Martin has a good sense of humour and engagement in regard of executing the daily tasks in a sensible manner.”



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Treatment results

During the last 3 years, Martin has achieved good treatment results by methods, which are still rather unknown in Denmark. Persons with a horrible cancer diagnosis and  “death doom” from the hospital after a control and scanning, have a healthy body today after having worked together with Martin and obtained self healing. (Luckily, not everyone is told that they are going to die, thankfully).

A video from the Danish Television DK4:

Tine had been declared healthy by the hospital, although she had turned down a major surgery and it surprised the doctors.Tine has been treated with a diagnosis of melanoma and lymphoid cancers with META- Health Principles / Meta Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique by Martin Hejlesen Jensen

Martin doesn’t regard the somewhat negative view of the society as to the alternative as an obstacle, but believes that it is part of the human evolution that the individual human being (and later on the society) will learn how to be self responsible. The society nowadays shows that we are not learning how to be self responsible.


A little story:

A samurai shouts to a monk:billed som soldag

“Teach me about heaven and hell right now!”

The monk replies:

“You are simply too stupid to understand anything in that respect”

The samurai draws his sword and raises it above his head.

Right before the samurai is about to fence, they monk calmly says:

“This is hell”.

The samurai wonders and lowers slowly the sword.

Then the monk says:

“And this is heaven”

Be grateful for the meeting. The meeting with the good, the bad and the gruesome. Including the meeting with an extremely irritating human being. This human being has also experienced deep sorrow, great happiness, frustrations, etc.

This human being is also nuanced. And the meeting with this human being is also contributing to your development and your common development. Through the meeting, you will understand which thoughts and feelings that are inside of you.


Martin is also your personal coach and Instructor on education programs.