Sexual violation

Sexual violation

For many years, I have been marked by an incident, which I had when I was 12 years old, when I was sexually violated by an older man. The incident dominated my life very much, and it meant that for the past 30 years I was never able to be peaceful. The more peace – the more emotional pain. For many years, I have felt resistance towards sexual touch.

Incidentally, I started therapy sessions with Martin; I have never regretted this. When we started therapy, my unpleasantness was 10, and as soon as I was able to remember the episode, there was a positive improvement.

During the sessions, I sensed that as a little embryo I had obtained this experience from my mother; she herself had also had this experience, and as she hadn’t worked on the experience, it might have been forwarded to me genetically.

When the unpleasantness had fallen down to zero, it felt like a stone dropping from my abdomen; what a fantastic way of experiencing therapy.

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