Stop of smoking and food habits

Stop of smoking and food habits

Cerebrum Cortex: Organ – heart border vein

Releasing of a worrying conflict results in a stop of smoking as well as change of food habits.
May 2011
I have been treated by Martin. The problem was my worry for my sister, after she had lost her husband and was alone with her two daughters. This became a big worry for me, as I entered and took the responsibility for them.

I was conscious about the fact that I had become the mother of them all. Martin asked me some real good questions, which I had to answer; after that I felt like crying.

As a therapist, Martin was very good and let me express my feelings. I felt like screaming aloud, as my unpleasantness was placed in my throat. Martin gave me the opportunity of screaming, and that was a good feeling, and my unpleasantness fell.

I obtained a feeling of calmness in my body.

After the treatment, I got so much energy that my desire for cigarettes disappeared, and I got more aware about my food.

Thank you very much, Martin – You are super clever.

Love from Janni, Nurse and pedagogue

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