Thyroid and low metabolism

Thyroid and low metabolism

Cerebrum cortex: Organ – thyroid gland, low metabolism.

About 10 years ago, I suffered from an enormous tiredness, and I was diagnosed to have a low metabolism. The thyroid gland didn’t function optimally. I had taken metabolism medicine, but 2 years ago, I started feeling ill again, and I had no doubt that it was due to the medicine.

According to directions and an agreement with my medical doctor, who doubted it was impossible to get my thyroid gland to function normally again, I began reducing my high dosage of medicine gradually.

As suggested by Lars Mygind, I asked Martin for help as to reducing my medicine, which was taking place for several months. Martin has supported and guided me through this period, which sometimes was filled with fear and uncertainty. Martin asked the questions, showing me that my problems with my metabolism concerned an unwanted abortion and a feeling of powerlessness.

I have met with Martin 6 times, and although sometimes having the feeling of being in deep water – (there were many tears) – each meeting/treatment has made me wiser, clearer in my mind, and more energetic.

I see Martin as a person with presence, calmness, a wonderful sense of humour and a deviation ability – the ability of pointing at the most important issue. I see Martin as a kind, wise, and very patient person. Thank you. My experience is that Martin is fantastically good at making things simple and easy to grasp, however complicated they may seem to me. This has given me insights and laughs – leading to a great relaxation and faith in life.

The blood tests and some physical unpleasantness 4.5 months upon my termination of my medicine, show that I still have some work to do. However, all signs show that the functioning of the thyroid gland slowly is improving. Furthermore, I have so much more energy now that I have started training physically as well, which is a sublime supplement to Martin’s treatments and my low metabolism. Today I tap myself, if I feel that doubt or physical unpleasantness appear. If this is not sufficient, I call Martin for help.

Kind regards from Karen

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