EFT training - become educated EFT Practitioner



For those who want to work with your own process and become even better at understanding your environment by getting a deeper understanding of yourselfAn intense training program where you will get to learn yourself better to know and learn to listen to what your body is telling you through behaviors and symptoms. You will learn to master the tools to deal with internal conflicts in real life.
You learn how to solve internal conflicts with dignityIt requires not only very sharp toolsbut also an insight into the human subconscious reaction patterns.
EFT Practitioner program.

You will learn 
Basic principles of EFT and Meta Health
How to work with physical problems
How to find the core problems
EFT emotional problems - trauma
EFT on children
Demonstrations and exercises
professional Conduct
Ethics and responsibility


Topics like this you will learn much more about:

√ Metabolic syndrome

√ Myths about obesity

√ The 2 types of adipose tissue

√ The basic fat regulation, leptin and insulin 5

√ Stress, high insulin levels and obesity

√ Factors that may contribute to high blood insulin level

√ Kidney Channel Conflict - do not feel in the right place

√ Nutrition types

√ additives (chemicals) in food and beverages

√ The hidden overconsumption of fructose

√ Fructose and uric acid

√ Estrogen Dominance

√ metabolism and thyroid

√ pancreas

√ Hypoglycaemia

√ Adrenal fatigue

√ Tarmfloraren

√ Digestion - digesting life

√ Psychological factors around mealtimes

√ How do you define "nutritionists" overweight

√ My Therapy Plans


In order to master this, practice is necessary, and this is exactly what I offer you at a course of 8 days of conflict management and personal development.

Welcome to 8 intense days with the reality as the starting point  – your reality. But also your subjective reaction of an experience, showing where in your body the reaction will appear.

What if there existed ways to heal the body faster?
What if there is a link between our physical body and our emotions?
What if there is a powerful tool that explains the underlying causes of physical symptoms, including a tool that can help you restore a radiant health, which is your true nature?
There is a biological map of our body-brain-mind, and it can be your wisdom!

Physical disease occurs when we are not living in harmony with our highest purpose - when we are not living as we were designed to. Every symptom has a meaning and represents an intelligent response on a biological level, with underlying conflicts on different aspects of our being.
Want to learn more about Meta Health?

Meta Health is a diagnostic tool that identifies the underlying cause of the disease, including where you are in the disease process, and where you are in your spiritual development and awareness.

You might be looking for new tools to offer to your clients, or maybe you wish to be able to explain and understand your own physical symptoms or illness. Either way, I invite you to experience the powerful world of Meta Health.



By the end, you will receive a certificate, new tools, and a definitely lighter “backpack”.

The requirement for certification EFT Practitioner is that you deliver 5 approved case.

I look forward to seeing you.

Martin Hejlesen