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Sugar dependency, eczema and fear of death

Dear Martin

A week after my last session with you, my eczema on my legs disappeared completely; it is wonderful and also rather unbelievable to me, but obviously it is not a surprise to you. 😉

A lot of stuff has fallen into the right places after my last session. I have now started using TFT both on my daughter and on myself. Now it feels quite right. (more…)

Stop of smoking and food habits

Stop of smoking and food habits

Cerebrum Cortex: Organ – heart border vein

Releasing of a worrying conflict results in a stop of smoking as well as change of food habits.
May 2011
I have been treated by Martin. The problem was my worry for my sister, after she had lost her husband and was alone with her two daughters. This became a big worry for me, as I entered and took the responsibility for them. (more…)