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 Throat, kidney, spine, stomach & Lymphoid malignancy – pyelonephritis cancer


I learned to say no when I got cancer


When Susana is told that she has lymphoma, she says yes to traditional chemotherapy for the good of her children. But already after only three treatments she stops. Instead, she works with the emotional causes through skype sessions and through that she discovers that pent-up emotions in connection with a divorce and a bad working climate has ties to her cancer.

Susana usually don’t go to the doctor, but in the last few months she has been suffering from pyelonephritis (infection in the renal pelvis) twice. During the day she is not bothered from it, but every time she goes to sleep at night, she gets severe pain in the back. It’s been a month since she was last sick, but Susana noticed that some of her lymph nodes in the left groin is swollen. In addition, she feels like her feet are sleeping. The doctor doesn’t think the symptoms are connected, but still end up sending her to a scan, so they can find out whether there is anything. Susana is not nervous. Swollen lymph nodes can mean so much. (more…)

Cervix / mouth, HPV virus.

Cervix / mouth, HPV virus.


Dear Martin – I just got the most fantastic news from the doctor. Normal cells! No HPV-virus. Hurray!!!! I am soo happy. And I want to thank you for your amazing therapies which I have been very very happy for. You are super cool!!!

Martin tapped on my body – and helped me through the worst period of my life! (more…)

Breast cancer and tumors of the brain


“By this story, I wish to give other human beings an insight in the connection between the emotional, the mental, and the way the body is changing. I have started realizing this more than ever before. (more…)

Info about cancer

Info about cancer

Info about cancer and video

META health gives us the possibility of comprehending the connection between the ascertainment of an illness and the actual life situation. Thereby human beings with a severe diagnosis or life situation can understand what lies behind the diagnosis on a deeper level.

Read the book: ”From Cancer to Power” (The title is directly translated from the Danish title “Fra Kræft til Kraft”). (more…)

Fear of cancer: Colitis Ulcerosa

Fear of cancer

The Brain stem: Organ: Colon – Colitis Ulcerosa
My thought field therapy and META health treatments with Martin.

I was treated by Martin in May 2011. The first treatment was concerning a watery eye, the lack of my mother in my childhood, as well as a rejection from a playmate. I had 3 treatments, where I was tapped lightly on some meridians of my face, a few places of my body and my hands. At the same time I was given talk therapy. During the talk, we focused on the unpleasantness of the problem, making me sense the feeling in the body. This is what “is tapped to zero”. By the end of the session, I was able to talk about the lack and the childhood experience without experiencing any emotional unpleasantness in my body. (more…)

Fear of a return of a colon cancer

Fear of a return of a colon cancer

12 January 2012

In 2002 I was operated for colon cancer.

It was frightening to me, and although the operation went perfectly (NO after-treatment with chemo or radiation) the fear was waiting inside of me for the cancer to return. (more…)