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Bulimia and depression

Bulimia and depression

Cerebrum Cortex: Identity- and argumentation conflict – right dominant woman

During the past years, I have changed more than many human beings do for a whole lifetime. I have felt the bottom, the pain, the relief, and the change, and I couldn’t have been without any of it, should I get so far, as I am today. I have said goodbye to my eating disorder, which dominated my whole youth; I have found the joy and passion for my creativity and reached the surface of an ocean of suicidal thoughts and fear. (more…)

Bulimia, mania and migraine

Powerlessness, territorial anger and Internal Conflict
United Cerebral cortex, right dominant woman

I met Martin on a Meta Health Course, where he was assistant. As a spiritual person, I believe that nothing is completely random, and I came into practice group with Martin, where he set my migraine problem in another light for me. It was something of a new great experience which, together with the desire to really clean up myself, did that I committed myself to TFT sessions with Martin. Of major issues were migraine, bulimia and anger on several levels. (more…)

Changes in skin

Changes in skin

Example of the reason behind a physical symptom.

Basically, we have 60 organs and each organ represents a feeling.

The organ belonging to the cerebellum deals with a biological program to protect.
An example is a feeling of being attacked and formed growth under the skin. It may, for example be pimples.

The Brain strain is the survival of the species. An example is a feeling that one can not digest life, and the formation of growth in the form of gastric juices in stuma in order to better digest the feeling. (more…)