Cerebrum Cortex: Organ – eye


On 19.10 2010, Viktoria was treated by thought field therapy by Martin Hejlesen.

The problem was an allergic reaction of her eye.

Viktoria has suffered from Conjunctivitis, since she was 2 years old. Now she is 15 years old. It started in kindergarten. Her medical doctor gave her eye drops, but they didn’t help.

In 2007 we went to a kinesiologist , who told Viktoria to stop eating certain kinds of food – especially sugar, flour, and pork. We hoped that the conjunctivitis would disappear, but it didn’t happen.

We contacted Martin, and Viktoria received TFT. After one session, conjunctivitis disappeared. Since then she hasn’t had conjunctivitis, even when she is having a cold.

She isn’t able to imagine the pain anymore – not even when she really tries. Previously, she was scared of the pain.

Thank you.

hugs Annette, artist

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