Constipated stomach and anxiety

January 2011

During a study trip to Thailand, I had two sessions with Martin, at which he used thought field therapy and coaching.

I arrived with a constipated “travel stomach” – and very quickly Martin asked a few simple but precise questions as to two problems: that I am generally too busy doing too many things, when I am on vacation, and that I was a little worried to return to a habitation situation, meaning very little room for two grown ups and two big boys. Martin was very precise as to the two central areas, which made my unpleasantness very high.

Martin tapped and coached me, and when I walked home, I went straight to the toilet. The stomach was not quite at ease, until I was home again; but after our sessions I diminished my activities, and ever since the TFT session, I have felt the calmness, joy, and serenity, that Martin had “tapped forward” as to the positive aspects of my domestic situation.

Karen, editorial manager

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