Fear of water

Fear of water


Recently, I came home after a wonderful vacation in Turkey. One of the weeks, we were on a wonderful old wooden ship in the skerries of Turkey. I have always suffered from fear of water, and I was quite clear about not being able to get into the water, even though I watched the others swimming joyfully around in the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Ocean.

Martin noticed my fear of water and offered me a TFT treatment. I had a little knowledge to the techniques, and although I was excited as to whether it could help removing my fear, I also doubted that a treatment would really help me defeat the fear of getting into the water; the way down to the bottom of the ocean was very far. When Martin started calmly asking me about the intensity of my fear of water from a scale from 1-10, it was 10, when I focused on my fear of just descending the latter of the boat and going out into the water (I cannot swim). Just the thought of being down in a bottomless ocean made my throat contract.

Martin started tapping me with the TFT techniques, all the time focussing on me, asking me questions about what was the worst thing which could happen – and by the use of breathing exercises. I also “turned my batteries”, which, by the way, I was asked to continue doing regularly.

When Martin had taken me through the process a few times, I was surprised to discover that I was now able to consider entering the water without getting scared. Later on the same day, I went for swim, wearing a life jacket, and I really enjoyed it. Furthermore, I was able to ascend and descend the boat without getting dizzy and shaky, even though the ladder was swinging, every time someone stepped on it. Therefore, I can see with absolute certainty that Martin succeeded in reducing my fear of water.


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