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Find your passion give yourself this gift!
Get started journey to a more wonderful life
You live your full potential when you get clarity
Once you know what you want – it comes to you
Live the fuldente life with passion
Learn supportive thoughts that lift you
Find your inner motivation and sparks

You will learn:

Your top 5 passions = the things that are most important to you in YOUR life.
How do you aligns your life with your passions and experience more joy and satisfaction.
A secret that will teach you how you’re going to live a passionate life.
Manifestation recipeSo you can create the life YOU want.

Techniques / tools for an easier life

For all this glory: 299 kr. Usually 799 kr.

The Passion Test is developed by Janet and Chris Attwood. The Passion Test is a personal development process where you enter the path to transform your life. The life that gives you joy, love, enthusiasm and even more dreams. There are currently 1500 Passion Facilitators in the world. Martin Hejlesen is one of those 1,500 facilitators.

To discover your soul’s purpose

What have been the greatest experiences of your life?

How have they affected you?

What have you learned from them?

How have you grown, how have you changed you or enlarged you through the experience?

Passion What is meaningful to you?

How would you love to serve others?

What do you love to do?

What do you continue to make, even though it is demanding?

What inspires you? What first comes to easy to do?

Where is the flow in your life?

How you achieve success without having to try very hard?

If you could describe your life with a song, what a would you choose?

If you could paint a picture of your life, what would it look like?

How hangs not your life together?

Meaningfulness and commitment provides greater happiness and well-being of people.

Give yourself the opportunity to look within and find out what you have passion for.

Date of The Passion TestHer


Now it’s over a month ago that I was The Passion Test in Aalborg. It was an evening where many emotions came into play and the tears also appeared. I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted with my life. But found out that it was only an idea and that reality is not in question was purely such, there were things that were more important than I had thought.

I was relatively easily found the 10 points. Eye opener came when I sat across from another who asked me questions and I had to think about what was most important. Several times he had to ask me for method 2 and a few times Method 3 before I got found out what was most important. The result surprised me, because my glass works was not among the five most important. It was a strange feeling.

When I had to find the markers in my top 5, then came the emotions of the time and a few times tears rolled quietly.
I concluded that my passions are:

1. I have an open heart and love myself
2. I help others get better through healing, conversation and clairvoyance session
3. I have self-esteem and confidence in my abilities
4. I have 3-5 clients per week
5. I have better contact with the spiritual world

Here a little over a month after I can see that I am well on the way to all passions are fully complied with. It is impressive that it can go so quickly, just to get the attention of the passions. Oddly enough, I’ve got time to make glass works again because the other things fell into place.
Is so grateful because you got me to test Martin and takes it certainly again later when I got the first 5 fully implemented

With love Pia11225929_10206590803152016_310676895_n

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