Sugar dependency, eczema and fear of death

Dear Martin

A week after my last session with you, my eczema on my legs disappeared completely; it is wonderful and also rather unbelievable to me, but obviously it is not a surprise to you. 😉

A lot of stuff has fallen into the right places after my last session. I have now started using TFT both on my daughter and on myself. Now it feels quite right.

For many years I have suffered from eczema on my hands and I was diagnosed as having a contact eczema against several perfume ingredients, resinous acid etc. For a period of time, I was able to control the eczema by keeping away from various stuff, but then I started getting an extreme eczema on my shins and the sides of my shins; I was on penicillin several times because of infection in the eczema on hands and legs.

Martin was recommended to me through a good friend, who knew TFT. In beforehand, I hadn’t any knowledge of TFT/META health, and I haven’t tried any similar treatment or alternative treatment previously in regards of my eczema. I have, however, used lots of hormonal crèmes, penicillin, etc.
Martin asked me to think back to the time, when the eczema appeared for the first time. Through TFT, we realized that the eczema on my hands appeared after my mother was ill because of stress – i.e. it originated from a sorrow, because my mother was very psychically ill. The eczema on my legs appeared, after I had an unwanted contact with my mothers sister; and I remembered that since I was a child, I had been torn/influenced by a conflict between my mother and her sister.

By TFT Martin worked on the letting go of my mother and the disruption I experienced in connection with my mother and her sister. The eczema on my legs disappeared upon the last treatment by Martin, and the eczema on my hands have been much reduced. Add to this that all the worry and frustration I have carried around for years in concerning my mother, aunt, and their conflicts, disappeared already upon the first treatment by Martin.

Furthermore, we have worked on my fear of death and the fear of dying from my children, as well as the fear as to my eczema would deteriorate and consequently be more controlling of my life. My fear of death appeared particularly after many of my friends have lost their loved ones to e.g. cancer. I have been tormented by thoughts of dying from my children or that they died from me – especially when I went to sleep. After TFT treatments by Martin, I don’t worry and fear as much now.

Sugar dependency concerned a childhood conflict with my sister. Before the treatment, I would be obsessed by the thought that I needed a special piece of chocolate, which I didn’t want to share other members of my family. After TFT treatments, this obsession has disappeared, and I have obtained a generally more relaxed relationship to sweets.

During the TFT treatments, I sometimes experienced much unpleasantness in connection with memories of various episodes of my life. At the same time this has given me an unbelievable insight of myself; I have acknowledged the cause of the problem, and I feel that the treatments have been very successful.
The treatments with Martin felt safe and pleasant. Martin is a very open and kind human being. After each treatment, I have felt very pleasantly relaxed, relieved and serene.
Jakobsen, woman, 38 years old, Copenhagen

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