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  • Boot Camp – 2 Day

    Read the info under the menu Bootcamp The presentation is in Danish     Info: Bootcamp 469,04 EURO 234,52 EURO pay over 2 times

  • EFT Practitioner – 8 days

    EFT Practitioner – 8 days: Læs her for dato:   META EFT Practitioner uddannelsen i København 2019 København (modul 1) 6+7 april 2019 (modul 2) 4+5 maj 2019 (modul 3) 29+30 juni 2019 (modul 4) 31 august + 1 september 2019   Folder_uddannelse_til info   15.900 DK kr. * Early enrollment is recommended, as the number of participants is limited to max. 16 people. (Bootcamp)

  • Follow Up Day Meta Health

    Follow Up Day Meta Health Teacher: Martin Hejlesen Somewhere in Denmark, Sweden or Norway will be an opportunity for questions in the subject MetaMedicine / Meta Health. There will be the opportunity to network with other alternative practitioners. It will be an inspiring and exciting day. The time is from 09 to 15 and costs […]

  • META Health 2 days


  • META Uddannelsen Overbygning – Diploma

    METAsundhed – METAmedicin Overbygning På uddannelsen i METAsundhed får du titlen Meta-Health Practitioner fra MHI (Meta-Health International). Her lærer du en terapeutiske ramme, for at hjælpe klienter/patienter til at forstå deres sygdom i et METAsundheds perspektiv samt at udarbejde en terapiplan i forhold til de ting der afdækkes i METAsundheds-analysen. Uddannelsen foregår som en blanding af teori […]

  • META-Health / EFT Processing

    META Health/EFT: Processing First session: 242,5 EUR   Next 4 sessions: 696,86 EUR     Next 5 session: 911,28 EUR   182,26 Euro every months x 5 You can pay with Creditcard / Paypal (no sign-up) or by money transfer:   For my foreign transfer to my Swedish account: SE7980000821499041928392 SWEDSESS

  • Presentations

    Your Intelligent Body 2 hours 19-21 Martin Hejlesen – provides an entertaining, inspiring and different point of view of your body. Presentation on META–Health. Martin will inspire you to have a peace, confidence and hope when you are in a impossible situation! The presentation is in Danish     27 Euro