Martin´s new book about Meta Health came in my mailbox today .. It is so fantastic written, and just as I had expected! Thanks! And congratulations –  you can be proud ..
– Felt thrilled with Martin Hejlesen.


Do you know the fact? that I can´t  removes from this book? This is how I feel right now. This book is so interesting and informative that I was not at work today, I would read all day <3 Good day to all of you
Pia Kirstine Langgaard

Martin Your book is more than fantastic – and can be read by ALL. I bought a big stack of books by Martin – and buy more as soon as they are sold out. Books may include purchased from me – I live in Nyborg in Denmark.
Anette Bækkelund

Martin.. it is a GREAT book  GREAT help and guide  to us all ..
Charlotte Balle

Is started with this wonderful book. Written by my very talented cousin Martin Hejlesen Jensen
Minna Brandt Simonsen
Would you like to own this informative, thorough and throughout indispensable book written by Martin Hejlesen Jensen you can here with me download it today between 16:00 and 19:00 the price is 299 crowns
Lonni Olsen

Hello ladies and gentleman this book, I thought we all need to read it makes sense and understanding of our lives
Sonja Hesselvig

You can order the book her:


The body’s cells remember everything
is more than a book.

It is part of the new paradigm shift in the understanding
of the body that encourages people to get focused on their own
body and teaching them to help to heal itself.


You have one of the most prettiest vocals, and it’s  one of the most beautiful supplies we’ve had on this show at all. Judge Lene Nystrøms warm words float Nanna of this meeting.
Nanna looking at the TV show’s judges and receiving the positive Words. The pressure of expectations, the whirring cameras, the large audience and the four celebrities judges > even this <  Nanna both  keep the energy up and be calm. Who would have thought a few months ago that she would not be able to take the stage in this way as stage fright was choking her. It is hard to believe that help with energy techniques have helped to bring her here.

Can you imagine that if you are using your own energy flow it can heal yourself? That you can find the cause of physical pain by looking at yourself and your life with different eyes?

11 women and men tell their story about how they were using treatment with emotional freedom technique has been healthy or have reduced their pain significantly. Right from severe anxiety problems, knee pain and atrial fibrillation of eating disorders and migraine for various forms of cancer. Meet among others Nanna, who was so inhibited by fear that her job as a professional singer and musician was into danger but using energy technique once again was able to take the stage and better than ever before. And Emilie, who canceled a planned knee surgery because she found out that her pain was about her relationship and therefore did not need an operation when she was redeemed her inner emotional conflicts.

The body’s cells remember everything – listen to them and heal yourself is an accessible introduction to meta health and energy techniques, and how man’s self-healing power launched in connection with illness. The book is written for all those interested in the alternative – patients, their caregivers and professionals in either alternative or traditional treatment.


“When I learned about this, I understood why the bodies get sick and why we humans get sick. We are just as susceptible to poor diet and lifestyle that we are to psychological discomfort and trauma. The last were suffering with me and it had taken  residence in my heart.
Lene Hansson, nutritionist, bestselling author


Martin Hejlesen is the new term health leader He manages to combine the spiritual with the scientific. The youthful, contemporary and attractive with biological wisdom.

– Ninka-Bernadette Mauritson, bestselling author known from Core Healthy family voila!



Dagfrid & Bent Madsen

People obtain with the cause model makes it possible to understand the underlying explanation for their illness, how to heal themselves, and how they can prevent diseases. We have very often observed that when a person has knowledge of the real cause of her illness, begin to healing process automatically. It is my greatest hope that this knowledge is shared with as many people as possible. “

Bent Madsen, teaches Meta Health.


Martin is deeply passionate in his field. He takes notes, makes meta questions and go much into detail. He is extraordinary and quite sincerely interested in helping.

Susanne Billander, teaches Meta Health.