Difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in breathing

Cerebrum Medulla : Organ – heart muscle (Auricular fibrillation)!

Difficulty in breathing prevented me from ascending the mountain on the outing.
Saturday, 14-5-2011 in Turkey

Treatment by thought field therapy. Martin went behind me and immediately started a treatment.

He asked me, how, where, how big, and which colour the uneasiness had. And I found the frozen moment (fear of separation from my family), a prospect for a divorce of my daughter and my son in law – resulting in loss of contact to my son in law as well as my grandchildren.

My uneasiness is treated, and I am focusing sharply on the problem. The uneasiness of my breast decreases gradually – ending at zero. I stay calm, peaceful and light – watch the sunrise and feel its warmth. A good and beautiful séance.

After the treatment, I want to continue the trip, but I feel tired and have difficulty in focusing on where to put my feet, and I am very thirsty, so I decide to walk calmly and slowly back. (There has been a release).

For the rest of the day and the following day, I feel calm, peaceful and light.

My experience of Martin as a therapist: You were there, when I needed you. Your treatment was calming at first. After that you went straight to the issue – the frozen moment. I felt safe with you. You gave me peace.

PS: Monday 16-5-2011den 16-5-2011. Pstt… faeces x 3-4. Tuesday 17-5-2011 Pstt… faeces x 3. One week later, I had fever; I coughed and had a cold. Is there any connection? After 4 days with fever and severe coughs, I went to see my medical doctor. Diagnosis: pneumonia – and I was medicated. The doctor was afraid that it was legionnaire’s disease. I tapped myself diligently during the whole course.

Is there any connection?

Pleuritis is a result of a conflict chock due to the diagnosis: “You suffer from Auricular fibrillation”; like a stroke on the chest. So this is part of the healing phase.

The fact that your amount of faeces has increased, shows that you have let go of something which was undigested anger. This is relating to the brain stem. Organ: Colon


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