Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Thought Field Therapy/EFT is a combination and knowledge of the body’s energies, the nervous system, the brain and the reactions which affects the body.


Thought Field Therapy is a revolutionary, safe, fast and short form of therapy that has been developed and adapted since 1980, by the American psychologist Dr. Roger Callanhan.

In treatment we are sitting or standing, facing each other.
After an initial interview, I “tap” gently, with two fingers at specific points on your body while you’re thinking about the problem you would like to get rid of.

This puts your own self-healing powers in progress…
It is a very simple method that is surprisingly efficient.

Price and date of lectures, teaching, supervision and processing / analysis is informed in the webshop


You have the opportunity to take sessions with me. Either individually or at the personal self development education programs EFT and META Health Practitioner .                                                   
  I offer treatments via Skype or in a centre in Malmoe.

Bootcamp is taking place in either Malmoe or Copenhagen.

Martin Hejlesen Jensen
+ 45 28 76 01 78



Video about EFT:
Nanna Larsen has been treated with Emotional Freedom Technique by Martin to get rid of stage fright: Voice on Danish TV2 –  Read Nanna’s history here. Listen to Nannes performance: