Meta Health MetaMedicine Advanced Studies

The study program in Meta Health will give you the title Meta Health Practitioner from IMMA (International Meta Medicine Association) META-Health International CIC (MHI) . It teaches you a Imma_HSDP_model_english_websitetherapeutic framework to help clients / patients to understand their disease in a Meta Health perspective and to develop a therapy plan in relation to the things that are covered in Meta Health Meta Health analysis.

Training takes place as a mixture of theory and practice and finish by showing your practical skills in Meta Health analysis and written test on the last module.

The training lasts 12 days and assumes that you have taken meta medicine or Meta Health basic training.


After completing the basic training in Meta Health, you have a fundamental understanding of how to interpret the body´s complexity. The Certification Program extends and deepens this knowledge. The program will provide the participants with a higher and deeper awareness of the Meta Health principles, as well as the skills to use them in practice, on both a personal level and on clients.

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The Certification Program will:
√ Give you a deeper understanding of the emotional and biological significance of the body and health.
√ Make you capable of using your insights as an integral part of your practice with clients, your personal health care as well as your personal growth.

Meta Health is based on a unique science, providing a detailed understanding of the underlying patterns and how we can use coaching and therapy to help with different levels of consciousness.

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The Certification Training includes:

• A manual
• Practical exercises and skills
• Possibility of membership of IMMA (International Meta Medicine
Association) META-Health International CIC (MHI) including access to an online database.
• Exam: Meta Health Practitioner theoretical- and practical
• Certification: by the end of the Meta Health Practitioner course you will be able to be certified. The certification is optional and requires the handout and approval of 5 client cases.



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Who is IMMA?

International Meta-Medicine Association (IMMA) META-Health International CIC (MHI) is the association responsible for standardization and quality assurance of certification training, including the assessment and certification of all Meta Health Practitioners and Master Practitioners worldwide.
IMMA´s mission
Transformation of medicine and health care for an integrated and holistic art and science, to promote the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health.



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Course content:

1. Introduction
√ The theory and philosophy behind Meta health
√ The diagnostic process on a more detailed level
√ Locating traumatic events and emotional patterns that proceeds the disease
√ Restoring the balance using the above mentioned tools

Topics like this you will learn much more about:

√ Metabolic syndrome

√ Myths about obesity

√ The 2 types of adipose tissue

√ The basic fat regulation, leptin and insulin 5

√ Stress, high insulin levels and obesity

√ Factors that may contribute to high blood insulin level

√ Kidney Channel Conflict – do not feel in the right place

√ Nutrition types

√ additives (chemicals) in food and beverages

√ The hidden overconsumption of fructose

√ Fructose and uric acid

√ Estrogen Dominance

√ metabolism and thyroid

√ pancreas

√ Hypoglycaemia

√ Adrenal fatigue

√ Tarmfloraren

√ Digestion – digesting life

√ Psychological factors around mealtimes

√ How do you define “nutritionists” overweight

√ My Therapy Plans



√ The different senses and neurology
√ Identifying triggers

Treatment planning

√ How to create effective Meta Health therapy plans
√ Empowering and involving the client in the self-healing process

Organs and their meaning
√ Organs and tissue types
√ Embryological stages
√ Brain layers
√ The brain stem
√ The cerebellum

√ Cerebral medulla
√ Bones and certain endocrine glands

United Cerebral cortex
√ The introduction of a new law – masculine and feminine reactions
√ Complex health issues/constellations.
√ Personalities and behavioral origin in the brain

Several constellations
√ Various types of anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, aggressive mania, asthma, anorexia, bulimia and depression
√ Complex health issues and relays in the brain
Sensory and motor cortex
Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis etc.
The emotional / identification process
√ Psychological symptoms and the deeper meanings behind
√ Identification of believed truths, feelings and behavior
√ Integration of the underlying emotional issues in the treatment


Process for treatment
√ Practical exercises
√ Learn how to handle the two phases of the disease
√ Group Diagnoses
√ 1-1 exercises
√ Process to release patterns, believed truths, emotions (existing, inherited)



Martin Hejlesen META Health master trainer